Tiles and earthenware

Those materials are meant to cover a part or a whole floor or wall. The wallcovering protects your walls and partitions. Each covering brings some style to a room.

It can be natural or manufactured:
It is not only meant to decorate, it also have to resist crossing users. Choice depends on the room you want to fix, or the kind of constraints it might be exposed to.


Paint is a colorant composed of pigments and binder, used to cover a surface in order to protect it or decorate. Our expert will guide you and help you choose the colors that match you.

Still relevant, there is four types of wallpaper (traditional, vinyl, fleece and expanded). Used to cover and decorate walls, a solution for new or renovation. Imitating drapery, paneling , leathers, stones, etc, wallpapers remain a great value.


This material is made of molded plaster between two thin cardboard layers. This plate is useful for walls and ceiling finish, or delimitate spaces. Those plates are screwed on metal armatures or on wood, but they can also be glued.

Plasterboard insulate aginst cold, humidity, noise, and provides a perfect finish of your intrior.